Pet CBD Bacon

Pet CBD Bacon

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Product Short Description:

Pet CBD Bacon – The Flavor They Crave, The Wellness They Need

Our Pet CBD Bacon offers more than a tasty treat. It’s a comprehensive wellness product designed for pets, combining delectable bacon flavor with health-supporting CBD.


Product Overview:

Introducing Pet CBD Bacon, a bacon-flavored delight that introduces a savory twist to pet wellness. Infused with 600 MG of CO2-extracted CBD, this formulation provides a balance of taste and health benefits, ensuring your pet’s wellness regimen is both effective and enjoyable.


Product Benefits:

  • Delicious Bacon Flavor: Our Pet CBD Bacon is enhanced with organic bacon flavoring, enticing even the most discerning pets.
  • Formulated for Pets: Customized strength and flavor profiles ensure suitability for pets of all sizes.
  • High-Quality Extraction: CO2 extraction methods are utilized to guarantee a pure, potent, and clean product.


Free From:

Our Pet CBD Bacon is formulated without harsh chemicals or heavy metals, ensuring safety and purity.


Product Usage Instructions:

  • Small Pets (under 25 lbs): Use one dropper (1 mL) per day.

Large Pets (over 25 lbs): Use two droppers (2 mL) per day.

  • Administer directly into your pet’s mouth or mix into their food or water for easy consumption.


Packaging Information:

Packaged in a 30 mL bottle, each equipped with a dropper for precise and effortless dosing.


$29.99 or subscribe and save 10%

Pet CBD Bacon – The Flavor They Want, The Wellness They Deserve

Explore the soothing essence of our Pet CBD Bacon, meticulously crafted to blend the holistic benefits of CBD with the irresistible taste of bacon. Ideal for pet owners looking to support their furry friends’ overall health and vitality, this product offers a convenient, clean, and enjoyable method to enrich your pet’s daily routine. Each batch is third-party lab tested to ensure safety and efficacy, with results available to demonstrate the absence of THC, heavy metals, and other contaminants.


Deep Dive into Benefits:

Our Pet CBD Bacon is not just another treat but a gateway to enhanced health:

  • Mood Enhancement: Pets can enjoy a more relaxed and joyful demeanor.
  • Stress Reduction: Ideal for pets experiencing anxiety or stress, providing a calming effect without sedation.
  • Improved Digestibility: The organic MCT oil base ensures easy digestion and quick absorption, making the benefits more readily available.

How to Use:

To achieve the best results:

  1. Consistency is Key: Administer daily at the same time for consistent CBD levels.
  2. Adjust as Needed: Tailor the dosage according to your pet’s response and health needs.
  3. Monitor Progress: Observe your pet’s response over several days to adjust dosage for optimal benefit.

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