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5 Tips For Finding A Hempshop Selling High-Quality Products

Thanks to hemp's legalization and soaring popularity, a flood of new online sellers has emerged. However, we advise caution when choosing a hemp shop online to avoid contaminated, fake, and potentially illegal products. Only purchase from reputable, vetted retailers like us.

Fly-by-night hemp websites may push inaccurately labeled products that contain illicit substances or harmful contaminants. Their untested hemp could also be riddled with mold, pesticides, and heavy metals, potentially endangering your health. Unscrupulous sellers prey on unsuspecting buyers seeking bargains, and that’s where you, as a buyer, need to be very careful.

Established online hemp stores like ours have direct grower relationships allowing rigorous quality control and testing. This ensures the purity, safety, and legality of every product sold. We provide thorough lab reports verifying the hemp content and our compliance with the law. It would be best to steer clear of vague online offers lacking certification and transparency.

Generally, when seeking hemp oil, CBD gummies, or hemp extracts, carefully research the brands first. Scrutinize the company's reputation, manufacturing processes, and read product reviews.

In this article, we’ll examine a few more things to consider when choosing a hempshop which also applies to buying in person.

Where Was The Hemp Grown?

When evaluating quality hemp oils, CBD, and other hemp-derived products, it pays to check that the hemp was locally grown in the US. Domestic hemp is subject to stricter oversight and standards, resulting in safer and, thus, higher-quality crops.

Hemp production in the US is closely monitored for THC levels and contaminants. Farmers must maintain meticulous records to cultivate hemp legally, unlike foreign sources needing more regulation. Facilities processing US-grown hemp adhere to cGMP standards ensuring purity and potency.

Locally sourced hemp retains freshness and peak cannabinoid levels when quickly processed post-harvest. Imported hemp travels long distances, which could compromise quality in many ways. Buyers can easily verify domestic origin by checking the manufacturer’s website and product labels.

In a nutshell, when buying CBD gummies, oils, and more, confirm it's made with American-grown hemp.

THC Content

When evaluating quality hemp oils, CBD edibles, and cannabis products, it’s essential to consider their THC content. THC is the compound associated with the high from marijuana. While hemp contains only trace THC, higher levels can influence a product’s effects and legality. 

Reputable brands will publish third-party lab results clearly showing THC content. Levels should fall below 0.3% for standard hemp offerings. Having undetectable or perhaps zero THC may seem ideal, but minuscule amounts can enhance therapeutic benefits, according to some experts.

However, inaccurate labeling has resulted in some CBD products containing elevated, potentially illegal levels of THC. As a consumer, avoid vague claims like “THC-free” without supporting documentation.

Checking a product’s verified THC content prevents unwelcome psychoactive effects. It also ensures you won’t fail a drug test with hemp-derived CBD.

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The Products Should Have Been Independently Tested

Independent lab testing is crucial for ensuring product safety and quality in the largely unregulated hemp market. Reputable hemp companies like ours subject every product batch to third-party labs for impartial analysis before selling. Always verify testing when purchasing CBD oils, vapes, edibles, or topicals from a brand. 

Proper hemp testing checks for cannabinoid levels, contaminants, and THC content. Labs confirm that CBD and THC concentrations match the product labeling. They screen for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbes that could endanger health. Independent testing may also verify a higher level of THC content, which carries legal risks.

Customers should request up-to-date Certificates of Analysis (COAs) detailing lab results. Transparent brands will publish COAs on their websites for each product. Avoid companies that make vague quality claims without hard testing data.

Remember that no federal testing rules exist yet for hemp goods, but reputable sellers voluntarily lab-test each product for safety and accountability.

Understanding Full Spectrum and Whole Plant Labels  

When shopping for quality hemp oils and CBD products, you must check for full-spectrum or whole-plant labeling for insights. Full spectrum means the product contains diverse plant compounds like terpenes and flavonoids alongside CBD.

Trusted hemp retailers are transparent about their offerings being full spectrum versus isolates. The varied plant components work synergistically, enhancing bioavailability and therapeutic effects through an "entourage" effect. Full spectrum products leverage the entourage effect for maximum impact.

However, full-spectrum labeling without third-party verification carries risks. Highly rated retailers back up claim with Certificates of Analysis detailing the product's cannabinoid profile, terpene content, and purity. Thus, any vague full-spectrum claims should raise red flags.

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Read The Terms and Conditions (T&C)

When evaluating an online hemp shop, it's vital to read their terms and conditions closely, especially details on CO2 extraction. This chemical-free process uses pressurized carbon dioxide to isolate CBD oil and other beneficial compounds from hemp. Quality vendors openly share CO2 extraction specifics.

Conscientious brands explain their patented CO2 methods and the equipment used. It will detail how they filter and purify extracts. Comparing extraction processes helps determine a company's standards and transparency. Avoid vague sites that omit extraction techniques entirely from their policies.

CO2 extraction preserves hemp's valuable terpenes and ensures solvent-free purity safe for human consumption. But techniques vary, impacting quality. For instance, the use of high-pressure methods delivers superior purity and potency.

While it is laborious to read, terms and conditions provide unique insights into a company's practices and standards beyond marketing claims. If CO2 extraction details are absent or unclear, it may signal broader quality issues. Thus, it is imperative to read the fine print.

Final Word

Finding a hemp shop isn’t hard, but finding one you can trust can be challenging. At Hobgood, we have a selection of superior hemp products, and everything is backed by excellent customer service.

So, not only are we here to sell but also to help you choose the right product. If you’ve never purchased a CBD or hemp-related product, we can guide you through the selection process. Plus, we are happy to answer any questions about our products.

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