Is it really as easy as ABC to sell CBD?

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Is it really as easy as ABC to sell CBD? While anyone can legally sell CBD and hemp products, more regulations are sure to and need to come. With many sellers making outward claims and sharing anecdotal stories of successes with CBD in dealing with stress, anxiety, insomnia (sleep issues), depression, chronic pain and other ailments, clinical studies need to be done to substantiate these statements. And the FDA has its eye on those that will officially market this way.

Its not easy to sell anything, much less CBD, without making bold claims about the benefits of your products. Sellers need to find creative, legal, and ethical ways to promote CBD and be profitable until sufficient evidence is available.

Despite all this we at Hobgood Hemp have every reason to believe CBD is potentially not only healthy but life changing for many people. It will take a some hard work and a lot of grace from God to make it. But with His help we will!

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