New Beginnings in the CBD business

Our family has been involved in the hemp and CBD business in NC since 2016. But never quite like this …

I’ve always been on the periphery of it. To date, it’s been a farming operation and I’m no farmer. Sure, I can dig a hole, put a seed in it, put some water on it … but despite what Mike Bloomberg thinks, there’s a bit more to growing hemp (or any other crop) than that. When my father in law was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over a decade ago he was game for most any kind of therapy option. Over time he has had symptoms to include anxiety, insomnia, muscle tremors, problems with walking and speech. He began to cultivate hemp for CBD after he tried some and saw what it did for him. Now he’s one of the best hemp farmers in North Carolina and big fan of CBD.

So, when COVID arrived we began to have serious conversations about creating our own line of CBD products through a new company with a hometown feel. Late in 2020 our family decided to attempt bring our locally grown hemp to market in NC and the world, via local and online sales of CBD products we create and sell through our new business Hobgood Hemp. There seems to be a growing number of people with positive stories of CBD and an increasing willingness to see if these wonderful products will work for them.

I have often thought of starting a business where I could be my own boss, but never this one! We have a ton of challenges to overcome to get to where we want to be, but we have a strong belief that through this business and journey we can change our community and the lives of countless people for the better. So we press on!

There are a lot of companies and products in cannabis world. We find that many companies give you a choice between good quality or low prices. We are not going to make you choose. You can have BOTH! Our products are locally grown, processed, and packaged in NC and our CBD is extracted using CO2 (supercritical fluid extraction), which uses no solvents and yields the best extract. We want Hobgood Hemp CBD products be of superb quality and still be affordable for everyone, so … we make it that way.

We want to be “The CBD for You and Me!”

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