How does CBD work?

Endocannabinoid System Explained

That's a good really good question. Doctor's have identified a system in the body called the ECS (endocannabinoid system). Yes ... even though it sounds like something that was made up by the cannabis industry, its a real system in your body and the bodies of animals. The ECS is a messenger system that spans through out your body having receptors, CB1  & CB2, that range from head to toe and affect pain perception, sleep, mood, immunity, and more. 




You have natrually occuring endocannabinoids that work with the ECS to regulate proper function in your brain, gut, immune system, skin, ... your entire body. CBD and other cannabinoids, like THC, CBG, etc. are called "phytocannabinoids" and are introduced to your body in CBD products. There are also compounds in hemp that give it its smell call "terpenes." There is growing evidence and confidence that these terpenes also play a part in the effectiveness of CBD products. 

CBD is believed to enhance the function of the ECS which helps explain why we continue to see a wide variety of reported health benefits from CBD users. Not every product is equal. Many processes in growing and manufacturing lead to removal, corruption, or reduction of helpful components of hemp related products, and the potential addition of unhealthy substances. Hobgood Hemp is committed to providing the most controlled process and most tested and proven hemp and CBD products available. We are proud to provide the best CBD products in NC!


Please let us know if we can help answer any questions you have about CBD or its use. 


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